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Do you have a song that you know is great but doesn’t yet have the sound you’re looking for? I can help you with production, sound design and arrangements that make your ideas come to life. 


Have a recorded song that needs a mix? No problem! Let me turn your recordings into radio ready releases! 


Need some keyboard tracks? I´m your guy! I’ve got years of experience from touring and recording with international artists. Whether you need a piano, hammond organ or some vintage analog synths  I´ll happily provide your song the keyboard tracks you need!


I’ve been teaching Music production for years in schools and universities. Doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or professional, let me hear your song and I’ll be happy to send some useful tips your way! 

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Here are a few of the songs I´ve worked on.






My name is Gustav Afsahi and I’ve been playing music and writing songs for as long as I can remember. I first started making a living as a musician at age 16 , playing in local bands for a few years before getting my bachelors degree in music. I have since done work as a musical director and arranger and as a freelance musician with A-list artists. As a musician I mostly consider myself a keyboard player, but I play guitar, bass and trumpet amongst other things when needed, especially in the studio.    


I have written, produced and mixed several platinum and gold selling singles for Swedish pop artists. I’ve also worked with a number of international artists including latin grammy winners, artists signed by Universal as well as helping developing the sound of up and coming artists. Most of my work falls into the categories of indie, electronic, hiphop and rnb. 


I have a deep passion for music and people who create music, If you do too and you are interested in working with me I would love to hear from you! 


/Gustav Afsahi

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Let me hear from you!

Thank you for messaging me!

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